• Cranberry Blue Burger Recipe

Cranberry Blue Burger Recipe

A unique yet delectable combination of sweet and savory. This gourmet veggie burger has made heads turn.

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  • Spiced Samosas Recipe

Spiced Samosas Recipe

This delicious recipe is like a taste straight from India. The savory pastry surrounds spiced vegetables and our HV Vegetarian Hamburger Mix for a taste that is perfection!

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  • Italian Stuffed Squash Recipe

Italian Stuffed Squash Recipe

It's squash season and this tasty recipe makes for the perfect meal. It's very healthy, delicious and contains so much flavor. It's sure to be something the whole family loves.

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  • Mini Corn Dogs Recipe

Mini Corn Dogs Recipe

This is a different take on the traditional corn dogs. These little bite-sized treats are perfect for any situation: snacks, parties, or even the main dish. They're quick, easy to make and delicious.

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  • Harmony Valley's

Harmony Valley's "BBQ" Recipe

This concoction is is bursting with flavor! Fully vegetarian, this "beef" has the same texture and consistency of usual BBQ but is completely MEAT FREE!

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