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We want to give some HV T-Shirts away to our BIGGEST FANS! Let's see who knows the most about HV... Simply post the answers to these questions on Facebook :) The first 10 to answer correctly win a T-Shirt and some Hamburger Mix! GOOD LUCK!

What is the key ingredient for all of our HV products?
What is Meatless Monday?
Who took us on Access Hollywood?
What is your favorite HV recipe?
When was Harmony Valley launched?

Smoked BBQ Cheddar Burger


Need a perfect summer recipe? Try our Smoked BBQ Cheddar Burger recipe. It is quickly becoming one our favorite backyard grilled specialties. It has a hint of smokey flavor that really accentuates the cheddar cheese that is melted in each individual burger.

All it takes is four simple ingredients, a cedar plank, and in less than an hour, you'll have a mouthwatering masterpiece!

It's so delicious and packaged with flavor that your family would never guess it is meatless! This is the perfect meal for Meatless Monday because you can cut out the meat one day of the week plus this meal really is one-of-a-kind delicious!

Smoked BBQ Cheddar Burger

Julia from NoFacePlate


Hi guys! I'm Julia, from NoFacePlate. I've worked as a vegetarian/vegan friendly personal chef for going on three years here in Charlotte, NC, and just launched a new business called Nourish - a vegan/locally focused/healthy food delivery service. I've been a passionate vegetarian for 16 years now, and find myself drifting more and more towards a plant-based diet every day. The below recipe, while not particularly healthy, is totes free from animal products. Yay!

So, I know I've waxed lovingly on Harmony Valley's burger mix before - how it's the best slider base you'll ever use, how it performs beautifully on a grill, etc etc - but for my next trick, I'd like to point you in the direction of their sausage stuff. Man, is it tasty, and it means you can make this:

That's right kids, those are Sauerkraut Balls. Classic 50's party food. And they're totes vegan. I dare you to make these next time Beer and Nibbles night rolls around and have leftovers.

Julia's Sauerkraut Balls Recipe
For more great recipes by Julia visit NoFacePlate

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