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Harmony Valley Vegetarian Shamrock Stew


We're getting closer and closer to St. Patrick's Day (March 17th)! Which means more delicious and festive recipes!

We've created a vegetarian stew that features our Harmony Valley Vegetarian Hamburger Mix combined with other wonderful spices like garlic, pepper and thyme. This flavorful recipe will bring out the brogue (Irish accent) in anyone! Savory spices makes the Harmony Valley Hamburger Mix blend perfectly with the chunky vegetables and potatoes in this Irish style stew. Then we topped off the recipe with delicate herbed dumplings.

This dish takes a few simple steps to create a masterful St. Patty's day inspired stew. This is a recipe you'll want to eat again and again- even after the holiday is over.

Happy Meatless Monday, and Happy almost St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy this fun and festive holiday with some Harmony Valley Vegetarian Shamrock Stew and green beer!

Other great St. Patrick's Day recipes: Harmony Valley Rueben Braids and Harmony Valley Shepherds Pie

Harmony Valley Vegetarian Reuben Braid


Traditionally a delicious sandwich, we wanted to create an inspired spin on the classic Reuben to celebrate St.Patrick's day! The funny thing we discovered ...... the Reuben isn't actually from Ireland or irish at all! BUT we still think it is a great time of year to devour a delicious Harmony Valley Reuben Braid!

It takes less than an hour to create this masterpiece. In only a few simple steps you will have made a recipe that is sure to WOW anyone who sees it- not to mention tastes it! It has a very authentic rueben taste thanks to our Harmony Valley Vegetarian Hamburger Mix and the wonderful spices combined with it. We used spices to create the flavor profile that a classic corned beef would have!

We're sure that once you try our Harmony Valley Rueben Braid recipe, that you will never want to have any other version of it again! It's so flavorful and delicious! Celebrate this St. Patty's day with a Harmony Valley Rueben Braid- ENJOY!

Best Nutritional Noodle Recipe Challenge


Did you know that March is National Noodle Month and National Nutrition Month? In the spirit of both, and good food, we'd like to have a mini challenge.

We always love hearing about the amazing recipes you create with Harmony Valley Vegetarian Mixes, and we’d like to feature a noodle inspired recipe created by one of you! Simply post your recipe on Facebook or email it to: cwallace@customblending.com.

We will run the contest from now until March 4th, and then test the recipes. We will judge the recipes based on taste, creativity, and what inspires us most. We will announce the winner of the “Best Nutritional Noodle Recipe” on Meatless Monday: March 11th. The winner will receive a HV goodie bag and have their recipe featured on our website.


Recipe must use one of our Harmony Valley products

  1. Must include a photograph
  2. Must be original
  3. Must have noodles in the recipe
  4. Must be completely Meatless (either vegan or vegetarian)
  5. Must be submitted on, or before March 4, 2013

Good luck HV Fans, we look forward to hearing what you create!

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