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Harmony Valley Sausage and Cheesy Grits


MmmMmmMmm, have we got a savory fare for you! Harmony Valley Sausage and Cheesy Grits. This is a light yet hearty dish. We used our Harmony Valley Vegetarian Sausage Mix which is slightly more seasoned that our Hamburger Mix. It has hints of spice and sage that combine perfectly with the sauteed peppers and onions. We then added wilted spinach and topped it all of with creamy, cheesy, grits!

Warning- this recipe is very addictive and completely delicious. It only takes only a few simple steps and about 40 minutes to make and WALA you'll have a grits recipe unlike any other.

Harmony Valley Sausage and Cheesy Grits Recipe

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Harmony Valley Vegetarian Roulade


This roulade is delightfully elegant and amazingly hearty. We paired our Harmony Vally Vegetarian Hamburger Mix with succulent vegetables that we roasted with a balsamic glaze, and then rolled into a puff pastry.

With Easter just around the corner, this is a perfect recipe to share with your friends and family. It only takes a little over an hour and just a few simple steps and you will have a holiday masterpiece unlike any other!

Harmony Valley Vegetarian Roulade

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Harmony Valley Lemon Feta Quiche with Filo Crust


Easter is just around the corner, Sunday March 31st to be exact. This holiday is about making wonderful memories with friends and family- and what better way to do that than with a delicious recipe for a delicious brunch?

This year, we've created a vegetarian Easter inspired quiche recipe. We've combined our HV Breakfast Sausage Mix, filo sheets, and roasted veggies to take a typical quiche recipe to a whole new level.

This elegant and delicate recipe takes just over and hour to create. In a few simple steps you will have a culinary masterpiece that the whole family will enjoy: Harmony Valley Lemon Feta Quiche with Filo Crust.

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