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Retailer Spotlight: Safeway


GREAT NEWS! Harmony Valley and Safeway are partnering for an everyday low price program! Wherever there is a Safeway near you that carries us in their organic/natural area, our Hamburger and Sausage Mix will be priced at an all time low: $3.99!

These prices can be found in 436 Safeway stores across the country (Denver, Portland, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Seattle, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.). However, unfortunately, not all Safeway stores are participating so be sure to visit our "Where to Buy" page in order to contact and learn about Harmony Valley Mixes in the store nearest you.

Vegan Product Highlight: Kite Hill Vegan Cheese


On recent trip to LA we had the wonderful opportunity to visit Crossroads created by celebrated vegan chef Tal Ronnen! Crossroads has an absolutely incredible menu that would tantalize vegan and non vegan palettes alike. With the entire restaurant being vegan it the menu selections seem almost impossible. The menu embodies a variety of delicate, thoughtful plates including a vegan "crab cake" and an artichoke oyster! The menu also includes a cheese plate featuring 3 different kinds of artisan cheeses developed by chef Tal Ronnen. These are no ordinary fare! These vegan cheeses are a high caliber gourmet experience with the perfect creamy texture and taste sans any animal products! Chef Ronnen has and his team of gourmet cheese experts are taking gourmet vegan cuisine to a whole new level. Applying the same non vegan standards to vegan cuisine without excuse!

Kite Hill Vegan Cheeses are available in select Whole Food Market's artisan cheese section.

Here is the link to the Kite Hill Cheese company with more in depth descriptions of how they create the cheese and the variety of flavors they currently offer. Even if you are vegan, these products are definitely worth a try! We recommend trying it on one of our burger recipes!

Harmony Valley Sloppy Joe Sliders


Happy Meatless Monday HV Fans! We've got a delicious treat for you today! As summer approaches, the classic Sloppy Joe recipe is always a greatly loved staple. We found, that sometimes it gets frustrating how sloppy these tasty burgers actually are. So, we added a new twist to this tradition recipe: HV Sloppy Joe Sliders!

They're smaller, easier to manage, but pack a bolder taste that really makes this recipe one of a kind. It takes less than thirty minutes, and you and your family can enjoy a vegetarian dish that will make their mouth water. We've used our Harmony Valley Vegetarian Hamburger Mix along with Sriracha (leave out for kid friendly Version), brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, and many other bold flavors to make this a summer staple for years to come!

Enjoy our Harmony Valley Sloppy Joe Sliders. Here are some other great burger and summer recipes: Mushroom Swiss Burger, Smoked BBQ Cheddar Burger, and Firecracker Mediterranean Veggie Burgers.

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