Harmony Valley Inc

Harmony Valley Inc is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Harmony Valley Inc.'s parent company is Custom Blending Inc. a flavor and spice company dedicated to providing quality service and quality products.

Harmony Valley is a health and wellness line of foods that are committed to creating products that are truly one of a kind, delicious and nutritious.

Our Footprint

The biggest difference between Harmony Valley products and other meatless products is that Harmony Valley Vegetarian products are not frozen or refrigerated.

Our Vegetarian Hamburger Mix and Vegetarian Breakfast Sausage Mix utilize zero refrigeration at the plant, in transit or at the supermarket. It is estimated that frozen food distribution requires 70 percent more energy than products at ambient temperature, AND frozen foods use 10 times more energy to produce!

We work closely with incredible organizations like Meatless Monday because the impact of eating plant based protein in place of meat even one day a week has such benefits for not only the planet but also your health!!


ClimateWise is a City of Fort Collins' voluntary program designed to reduce green house emissions. ClimateWise also promotes: saving money, reducing energy use, eliminating waste, improving employee morale. This program is for local businesses or organizations who want to protect and preserve our community for future generations.

Energy Efficiencies:

Wind Power: Harmony Valley Vegetarian Meal Mixes are produced in an energy efficient building and wind powered. We are constantly researching and seeking ways to reduce our carbon footprint and support sustainability on our planet.

Community Outreach: Harmony Valley is a proud supporter of the Larimer County Food Bank's various programs and events.

HV will participate in the 2010 Sustainable Living Fair.

We Are Wind Powered!!

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