• Grilled Stuffed Green Chili Recipe

Grilled Stuffed Green Chili Recipe

This recipe has an amazingly satisfying crunch, wrapped around our savory Harmony Valley Vegetarian Hamburger Mix. It's so flavor-filled and delicious that the smell alone will make your mouth water.

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  • Mini Calzones Recipe

Mini Calzones Recipe

This little tasty delights are sure to please. Deliciously flaky on the outside with a burst of pizza-like flavor on the inside.

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  • Artichoke Fritters Recipe

Artichoke Fritters Recipe

These little tasty delights are perfect for any event. Their texture is so light and fluffy followed by a satisfying crunch.

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  • Ultimate Nachos Recipe

Ultimate Nachos Recipe

This Super Bowl Sunday set up a nacho bar! Place all the fixins for incredible nachos and let your guests build them to their liking!

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  • Grilled Sausage Pizza Recipe

Grilled Sausage Pizza Recipe

Yum, this grilled pizza is the perfect combination between traditional flavored Italian HV Sausage, your favorite melted cheese, topped off by sweet basil.

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