Harmony Valley Meat Alternatives

At Harmony Valley we have developed shelf stable, cost effective meat alternatives such as our vegetarian hamburger mix and our vegetarian sausage mix through innovation and creativity. Like all of the Harmony Valley product line our meat alternatives cut out the artificial flavors and colors without scarifying great taste. Our meat alternatives are great for schools, hospitals, and restaurants looking to offer superior taste and value to their products.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Low Fat
  • High sources of protein
  • Good source of fiber
  • No Trans Fats or cholesterol
  • Taco

Vegetarian Hamburger Mix

Our vegetarian hamburger mis is a unique dry blend that is easily prepared by simply adding water. Once hydrated the mix will handle just like ground beef normally would in any dish. They are great as a burger right off the grill, crumbled in a taco, or layered in lasagna.

Vegetarian Sausage Mix

Our vegetarian sausage is a dry blend that is lightly seasoned with traditional breakfast sausage spices. Once hydrated the mix will handle just like ground sausage normally would in any dish. Create breakfast patties, links or crumbles for a delicious protein packed breakfast option.