Harmony Valley Classic Hummus Mix

Try Classic Hummus Mix

Harmony Valley is proud to introduce our Classic Hummus Mix. Simply add oil and water and you'll have fresh hummus at your finger tips.

Enjoy hummus for dips, spreads, and an array of other dishes. Create your own signature hummus flavors by simply adding your favorite ingredients. From pine nuts to cilantro the options are endless.

Harmony Valley Classic Hummus Mix & Camp Cuisine Classic Hummus Mixes are a must have for so many occasions!

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Harmony Valley in the Media

September 10, 2015

The future of meat is a question that people, businesses, governments and countries are asking themselves right now...how are we going to feed the future generations with increased…

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Harmony Valley: Loved by the palates of Charlotteans!

October 07, 2014

We love it when we hear of new fans and supporters, and we recently recieved one email that tickled our fancy. Charlie, Roy, Kandice and the Team at BEAN…

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